Transition Update – Great News for 14 and 15 Year-Old Students!

Chris Stewart, Transition CoordinatorIt has recently been approved for PersonnelPlus to offer programs and services to students who are as young as 14-15 years of age. Currently, there are two types of programs that a 14-15 year-old student may take advantage of. They are: (1) Career Exploration and (2) Job Seeking Skills Training.

“Career Exploration” is a program that offers informational interviews, and helps assist the individual in exploring and narrowing his or her career goals. Included in this program is Job Shadowing, which provides an opportunity for an individual to observe employees working in jobs that he or she may be interested in doing. Additionally, individuals will take tours of businesses and be provided information about various jobs.

“Job Seeking Skills Training” is a program that provides training in a number of different employment skills (i.e. job seeking skills, resume creating, interview skills, work skills, life skills, etc.). Also included in this program is “Job Club.” Job Club is a peer network that meets periodically to provide support for each of the member‟s job search. PersonnelPlus provides education, feedback, and encouragement in various job search techniques, interview skills, making contact with employers, following up with employees, etc.

Any student age 14 or above who is interested in pursuing one of these programs may be referred by a teacher, parent or the PersonnelPlus Transition Coordinator. Contact PersonnelPlus for a referral form. NOTE: You will also need to have copies of your IEP and Evaluation Team Report available to help determine eligibility.