Update on Changes to Services from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Our system, both here in Ohio and nationally, is experiencing change. The expectations of and for individuals with developmental disabilities rightfully is increasing, and individuals want to more fully participate in their communities. Also, outside forces are causing us to look at how services are offered, including new federal regulations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Our system must evolve to respond to these needs, and that leads to a significant amount of change.


A new tool has been developed to help you better understand these changes. Direct Line is a series of updates that will offer an overview on a specific topic, and connect you with more information. Some will focus on a high-level topic, and others will go into details on a specific component of a change. The first three issues of Direct Line are included in this email.

Watch for more issues of Direct Line to learn more about the changes taking place in our system. New issues will be sent via email, and all issues will be available on DODD.Ohio.gov. If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover in future issues of Direct Line, please email kerry.francis@dodd.ohio.gov.


Change can be unsettling, but understanding what is changing and why, and how changes may or may not affect you, can help you prepare for and take advantage of what lies ahead. I hope you find Direct Line useful in understanding how our system is evolving.