Business Advisory Council

Purpose of PersonnelPlus Business Advisory Council

The purpose of the PersonnelPlus Business Advisory Council is to function as advisors to PersonnelPlusregarding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Athens County.

The Business Advisory Council was re-established in September of 2000 with seven individuals from the business community and two individuals with disabilities working in the community. The purpose of the council is to serve as advisors to PersonnelPlus regarding employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as assist with public relations.

Role of the Advisory Council

  1. Keep PersonnelPlus abreast of local business trends.
  2. Provide referrals and information and/or leads for potential job openings.
  3. Act as an advocate by promoting PersonnelPlus and educating area businesses about the value of its services and the individuals it represents.
  4. Provide feedback on marketing efforts targeting area business. This includes, but is not limited to, brochures, flyers, letters, and job development strategies of the employment program.
  5. Supply expertise in all phases of the employment process.

Objective of Advisory Council Meetings

To hold regularly scheduled meetings that are structured, productive and timely. To provide Advisory Council members with opportunities to network with one another, as well as fulfill their role to PersonnelPlus.

Composition of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council shall consist of nine members, two of whom are consumers actively working or have actively worked in the community, and seven of whom represent a cross section of the business sector and/or public sector. These members should be willing and able to promote Atco’s PersonnelPlus, as well as the individuals whom it represents.

Term of Advisory Council

Members shall serve a consecutive three-year term. After serving a full term, members shall be appointed or reappointed by a majority vote of BAC members.

Time and Location of Meetings

Meetings shall be held for 1-1/2 hours, no more than once a month, and will begin at 8:15 a.m. Members will be offered the opportunity to have rotating meeting locations that would include members’ business, where possible.


Keith Adams, General Manager, Athens WalMart

Susan Barga, Realtor, Larry Conrath Realty

Belle Cancellare, Human Resources, Dignostic Hybrids Inc.

Jason Licht, PersonnelPlus Advocacy and Advisory Council

Loring Lovett, WOUB Center for Public Media, Ohio University

Danita Sharp, Mortage Department, Ohio University Credit Union

Shawna Stump, Shawna Stump State Farm Insurance